Monday, February 23, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015 - Deltävling 3: Your song sounds familiar!

Shake it off, dont stop!
This week on Mello we had Taylor Swift, The lion king, Adele and Robbie Williams.


1.Insomnia - Ellen Benediktson
Last year Ellen was one of my biggest favorites and this year I was expecting something better for her. I liked the performance but there was something missing in the song and I totally get her result.

2.För din skull - Kalle Johansson
Kalle is so cute! He did his best and Im glad he didnt finish last cause I liked his song!

3.Bring Out the Fire - Andreas Weise
There were a lot press people that didnt like him/his entry and I dont know why cause he was my favorite act in this semifinal. I really like the song, his stage presence was HOT and he did a very good performance! Good job Andreas! Good luck in AC!

4.Living to Die - Andreas Johnson
Very nice song but I think his biggest problem was his hair!

5.Don't Stop - Isa
I think we found the 1st contender...for a comeback next year! She is a fantastic performer and I knew she was going to get in the final (Mostly because I saw the heart beating a lot) but I cant support this song! I mean, c'mon you can sing "Shake it off" over the track with no problems! Get her a good song and she will be one of the big stars of MF 2016!

6.I See You - Kristin Amparo
I like Kristin a lot but I knew her press hype was more because of her vocal performance than for her song and that doesnt mean I dislike the song cause I dont but its not the best song ever (Like they all said). She sounded a bit nervous in the 1st part of the song but then she was great! Im sure she is going to get in the final and she will get a good result! Good luck girl!

7.Jag är fri (Manne Leam Frijje) - Jon Henrik Fjällgren
Ladies and Gentleman the winner of Melodifestivalen 2015. I cant believe this is going to win but what can I do? The only thing I like about this act is Jon. The lion king song and the over the top performance are not for me and I wouldnt like to see something like this in Eurovision. 

7.Andreas Johnson
6.Kalle Johansson
5.Ellen Benediktson

Andreas Weise
Kristin Amparo

Jon Henrik Fjällgren
Photos: Peter Wixtröm/Aftonbladet
Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet

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