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Julie Bjerre: "I would like my music to help people in all kinds of situations"

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The danish final is on saturday so its time to post another DMGP interview. Here are the answers of JULIE BJERRE:
Name: Julie Bjerre
Birthday: 19.02.98
Height: 1,62
Favorite color: Blonde
Favourite food: Sushi
Eye color: Green
3 things that makes you happy: Music, my family and friends.
What’s your strangest talent? I can put my leg around my neck :-D
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? My hello kitty bath rope
What are you really good at? Being there for the people who needs me
What are you really bad at? Math
Childhood idol: Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé
Childhood memory: I was just singing all the time
What would you do if you were invisible? I would go prank all of my friends
Favorite movie: The Proposal 
Favorite TV series: Friends
Tell me a super power you wish you had: I wish i could fly
What is your guilty pleasure? I bite my nails (so unfeminine, i know :D)
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Destinys child - Survivor 
Can you teach me some interesting words in danish? Rød grød med fløde :-D it's kind of af danish dessert :-D
Hello Julie! How are you?
I'm so good! Can't wait for dansk melodi grand prix

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
To me it's really important that my lyrics always is something people can relate to. I would like my music to help people in all kinds of situations, good as bad. I'm a very humble, down to earth, positive kind of artist.
Tell me a bit about your career:
I've been singing my whole life. Have always done school musicals . Participated in a danish singing/talent show on danish television in 2013, and won it. And now, I'm looking forward to participate on Dansk melodi grand prix

You are one of the participants of DMGP 2015. How did it all begin?
I came out with a single in may last year. It was a song written by Lise Cabble. In october she wrote to me that she had a song she would like to send in to DMGP 2015, and she asked if i wanted to sing on the demo. So I went to her place, heard the song and fell in love with it. And after a short cut of weeks, she called to tell my that i was in DMGP 2015 :-)

"Tæt på mine drømme" is the title of your song and its written by Maia Daniella Andersen, Jakob Schack Glæsner & Lise Cabble. How was it working with them?
It is, and has been amazing. They are 3 very talented songwriters and producers. it has been very interesting, to learn from such great people, who is in the business I wanna be in someday. And all in all they a very sweet and supportive. It is the best team i could dream of.

Whats the story behind the song?
The song is about young, naive, first time love. And it's about being so in love that everything else does not matter. It's also about trusting love.

Describe the song with 4 words:
Trust, Hope, Dream, love.
What can we expect to see on stage for the performance?
Lots os 80's neon colors. Lots of dance, I'm gonna dance a lot. And a happy energy.

Do you already know what you are going to wear for the final? any hint?
All i can say is that my hair is gonna be so much fun! so cool :-)

Have heard any of the other participants? any fav?
I loooove Tina And René - Mi amore
What do you like about Eurovision?
What I like about Eurovision is that it is a family gathering. I like the big dresses, the sparkles and the spectacular shows. But most of all, the legendary songs.

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
Nothing i guess :-)

Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word:
Glitter: Fav thing in the world :)
Dog: I love dogs and animals!
Fear: Monkeys :O :D
Mentor: something in my career that means a lot to me
Fangirling: I love Beyoncé
Stage: Always feels like home
Dreams: To sing to everyone that wants to hear.
What are your plans for 2015?
I don't know yet but, something with music hopefully. Im in high school at the moment, so I'm gonna keep doing that as well

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
Thank you for the questions and the interest! :-)
Thanks to Julie for the interview! Good luck on saturday!

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