Monday, November 12, 2012

Switzerland 2013: The Finalists

The Swiss television is having a national final for the 3rd year in a row and as always SF, RSI and RTS had their selection and here are the 9 finalists:

Chiara Dubey - Bella sera

Ally - Catch me

Nill Klemm - On my way

Nicolas Fraissinet - Leve-toi

Carrousel - J'avais rendez-vous

Jesse Ritch - Forever and a day

Heilsarmee - You and me

Anthony Bighead - Do the monkey

Melissa - The point of no return

9 songs are going to compete to represent Switzerland in 2013 and im kinda disappointed with the SF result but i still hope for a good song winning, there are 3 songs that i really like (Chiara, Carrousel and Melissa) and even if they are not big favorites like the possible winners (Heilsarmee or even the awful monkey song) i  think if they make a great performance we can have a lovely surprise. Good luck to my favorites and dont forget to watch the Swiss National final on December 15

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