Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lithuania 2013: Heat 1 - Results

Last saturday the Lithuanian selection for Eurovision 2013 started and in this post i'll comment the 3 songs that got into the semifinals. Im kinda impressed cause im not a fan of Lithuania in Eurovision and normally i just post about their selection when they have a winner but this year they started early and theres no other selections around so i watched the performances and i agree with the decision of the televote and juries (WOW), 8 songs competed and only 3 got into the semifinals, so lets see the semifinalists:

- Saules Broliai - Loreen

"Loreen, i wanna be your son" really? here we have a contender to win and not because its great but because its Lithuania even if i would not like to see this in Eurovision, i think its not bad, still i dont like the performance and i cant stand the silly choreography.

- Andrius Pojavis - Something

This was magnetic, he definitely has something and i dont know but i really like the song, actually im kinda scared cause i like a song from a heat in Lithuania when i never like the Lithuanian songs in Eurovision but maybe this year is going to be different. The performance was great, a bit weird but not a bad weird and even if the lyrics of the song are simple, i think its good and i like it!

- Gabrielius Vagelis - Sacrifice

He is so cute! and omg the song is good!! im in shock!! in one heat i found 2 songs i like more than their eurovision songs in the past (well not all the songs but most of them like 2012, 2011, 2008, 2004...) This is something i can see getting a top 15 place in the final or maybe a better place, he still needs to work a bit on his vocals and i would change the part before the last chorus but i really liked and i dont think i will find something better in this selection but for that we will have to wait cause there are more heats to come and more songs to listen.

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