Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lithuania 2013: Heat 2 - Results

Last week i said that i was very impressed cause i liked two songs from heat 1 but now i have to say that heat 2 was bad and i didnt like any of the songs, here are the 3 semifinalists:

- Timohi - Time for life

This is just awful, horrible vocals, annoying performance and sadly this was the winner of the televote JA! can Lithuanian people vote for something good this year? Pleaseee.

- Ieva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis - I fall in love

Good to see Gabrielius again but Sacrifice its 1000 times better, this song is ok but too bland for eurovision.

- Beissoul & Gabriele Griciute - Beautiful life

His voice its so weird, im not sure if i like it or i hate it but i think he needs a wow song to impress cause this is just forgettable but i think this was the best of the 3 semifinalists of this heat.

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