Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lithuania 2013: Heat 3 - Results

Another 8 songs participated in the Lithuanian heats and here are the 3 songs that qualified for the semifinals:

- Elvina Milkauskaite - Closer

I really like the 1st 20seconds of the song but the rest is very flat and repetitive, still is not that bad, just not a contender.

- Neriga Siaudikyte - Used to be

I just dont like this, i think she did an ok performance but the song is bad.

- Bozole - Happy and free

Im happy this made it to the semifinals thanks to the juries cause it was the best of this 3rd heat. They are very talented and the chorus of the song its really good still i dont think its good enough to go to eurovision but i think they should get in the Lithuanian final.

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