Friday, January 28, 2011

New Music Videos - Ithaka Maria, Elmayonesa, Saara Aalto & Ola

Ithaka Maria is competing on the Eesti Laul with this fabulous song, the video is awesome, i think this is my favorite for Estonia 2011 and cant wait to see her live.

This can be my 2nd favorite from Eesti laul, its so interesting, he is from Argentina and it can be very interesting to see this representing Estonia in Eurovision, waiting to see if it sounds good on the live performance.

She is Saara and is going to be today on the 3rd semifinal of the Euroviisut, i like her song and the video is ok, i wonder if her vocals are good live, we will know soon.

And the last video is from the amazing Ola with that great song, the video looks fantastic and he looks hot!.

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