Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are we ready for Jedward?

Well i have to say im ready and i cant wait to listen their song, there is a lot of people judging them, saying that they are like Dustin, they cant sing, they cant dance, Ireland should not send them to ESC, we hate them, all this without listen the song. I like the idea of the twins on ESC but i'll wait for all the 5 songs that will compete to represent Ireland. Right now with just knowing the names Jedward are my favorites, i know everything can change after the songs, i can like their song or i can like some of the others participants song, i like their energy and im sure they can make a great show so i hope they have a fabulous song, i dont like the people that to suport their favorite say bad things about their competitors, if you want someone to win why just not say Go "Favorite" and not the "competitor" is sh!t but i know everyone have an opinion and we have to respect it. Im on Team Jedward right now so GO JEDWARD!!!

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