Saturday, January 22, 2011

Euroviisut 2011 - Semifinal 2

Today was the 2nd Semifinal of the Euroviisut, 3 of my favorites participated, fabulous hosts, bad dresses, rock stars and 3 finalists.

1.Soma Manuchar - Strong

1st think in my mind when the performance started was WTF is she wearing? what a horrible look, i didnt like anything about this, maybe her dancers, bad vocals, boring performance and very weak song, sorry.

2.Paradise Oskar - Da da dam

This is one of my favorites songs since november, what can i say? It was the best performance so far, he has charm, talent, and maybe he looked shy and a bit nervous but that made him look real, i love it and i cant believe how cute he is, comparations with Tom Dice, i think this song is much better that "Me and my guitar" and Axel Ehnström "Paradise Oskar" imo have more charm and something that makes you love him, i love him lol, lovely song, great performance and an amazing artists, da da dam da da dam...

3.Jimi Constantine - Party to party

It was the turn of the favorite, i like this song, its very catchy but i think the performance was too much, there were a lot of things, money, champagne, he talked a lot, i have to admit that i liked when he took his shirt off lol, he is hot but i guess it was too much "rock star" for Eurovision, i think he deserved to go to the finals because his song was good but maybe the finnish people didnt love his rock star performance. I kinda like it, but i  definitely dont want that kinda performance on esc, those performances suits more a live concert but not a contest.

4.Milana Misic - Sydämeni kaksi maata
Next artists and once again the same question in my mind: WTF is she wearing? it looks like a cheap halloween costume. One think i cant deny is that she is very talented, her vocals were good and she seems to be a very sweet woman, unfortunately i dont like the song, its like 3 or 4 songs in one, and it sounds very weird, the performance was good and i wish her good luck.

5.Father Mckenzie - Good enough

I like this song a lot, i think he was a bit nervous but his vocals were ok and overall it was a good performance, im not sure what he needs to improve, maybe he needs to be more confident next time but im very happy for them and i hope they can do it better in the final.

The Finalists

Milana Misic

Father Mckenzie

Paradise Oskar

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