Friday, January 14, 2011

Euroviisut 2011 - Semifinal 1

Today was the 1st semifinal of the Euroviisut 2011, nice stage, great hosts and 3 finalists:

1.Automatic Eye - I'm not the one who's sorry

Their performance was kinda weak, they looked a bit nervous and his vocals were not perfect, the song to me is ok but forgettable.

2.Marko Maunuksela - Synkän maan tango

I didnt like this song before, but this performance was very good, his vocals were good and the backing vocals are amazing and that gave a great energy to the song, so now i really like it.

3.Johanna Livanainen - Luojani mun

Lovely girl, she is so talented, her voice is beautiful but i dont know what to say about this, i really didnt like her dress, it looked bad and the song to me is nice but maybe too boring.

4.Jonna - Puppets

This was my favorite in this semifinal, she did a very good performance, i liked her choreography, her vocals were good, the song is nice and kinda catchy and i loved her look, to me she was the best tonight, so sad she didnt get into the final. A round of applause for her and her fantastic show.

5.Cardiant - Rapture in time

This song is good, the performance wasnt bad but his vocals were very weak.

The Finalists
Johanna Livanainen
Marko Maunuksela
The other 2 songs will wait for Yle wildcard in the last semifinal.

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