Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Heat 3

Finally a good heat, this was the best one so far, great artists, nice songs and 3 semifinalists:

1.Arina Domski - Prosto ljubov

I like her and how she looked on that dress, the song is nice, her vocals were ok but the performance was kinda boring even if the images on the dress were a good idea for the show, i think she needs some movement on stage.

2.Vitaly Galay - My expression

Cute boy, the song is good and the performance was ok. I dont like the male dancers, he dont need those boys, his stage presence was so so he needs to improve that and those weird dance steps, but in general he sang very well and it was a nice show.

3.Matias - Myself

His connection with the camera is amazing, he knows how to move on stage, i like the song but is not the best one on the competition, vocals were good, his look was fine, i like him but i dont think this is good enough to represent Ukraine next year.

4.Shanis - Цветок

She is an amazing singer, her voice is so powerful but im not sure about the song, i think she is much better than the song. The performance was very good, i liked very much, the shirtless dancers were great.

UPD: Well im starting to like this song so... i think she was one of the best on the heat.

5.Natalia Pugachova - Hey boy!

I really enjoyed this performance even if im sure that this is not good enough for eurovision but her energy, the melody and the catchy chorus were fabulous, she had fun on stage and thats why i liked it.

6.Zhemchug - Hero

I love this song and the girls gave us a strong performance, im sure that their vocals can be better but to me this was one of the best of this heat.

7.A.R.M.I.Y.A - Allo allo

Ukraine have sent hot girls to Eurovision, well we have here 5 hot talented girls, this song is absolutely fabulous, it makes me want to dance with them, the choreography was nice, their vocals were just ok they can sing better but i just love it, i hope the get in the finals, UKRAINE VOTE FOR A.R.M.I.Y.A!

The Semifinalists
Matias, Shanis and Zhemchug.

Im not sure about who was the best of the night, i think this time i will pick 2(3) artists.

The Best of the night


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