Monday, November 8, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Heat 2

Only 6 artists competed in this heat, Shanti withdrew of the selection. I dont know if the 1st heat was better or worse but i just want to see the next one...

1.Para Normalnyh - Ledi

I really like this dance song but i knew it was going to be very difficult to sing live. The choreography wasnt the best one, they looked very nervous and their voices were weak, i really hope if the televote decide to put them on the final they can get a better performance.

2.Eduard Romanyuta - Berega

He is so cute, i like him and i think he gave a nice performance, i love the chorus and the song is nice, in the performance there were boring parts but overall it was good, he is a nice singer and i think he needs more energy on stage.

4.Ivan Berezovsky - Ave Maria

Well this song was one of the 1st i listened and liked, i was hoping for a good performance but guess what? it wasnt like i wanted, the song is very good(In the studio version) but his voice was very bad, i really dont like his live voice then wtf is he wearing, it doesnt look good and his presence on stage is very weak, i didnt notice him, it was very disappointed.

5.Bahroma - Еë имя

This is very different, is this song for Eurovision? I like them but im not sure about the song, too boring for me, but i dont dislike it, he is absolutely amazing, he has a lot of charisma and a very strong stage presence.

6.Metropoly10 - Think it over

I like their energy and i think they did a nice show, the song is just ok and thats all.

7.Neksi - Север-Юг

What is this? the castings again? a very bad casting i guess, i think they didnt get anything about eurovision, im sorry but i didnt like it at all, bad song, horrible look and a very amateur performance, bye bye to Neksi this is not for Eurovision.

The Semifinalists
Eduard Romanyuta
Ivan Berezovsky

This semi was very weak, lets hope for a better semifinal next week.

The Best of the night
Eduard Romanyuta
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