Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Melodifestivalen 2018 - Deltävling 4

Last semifinal, last 7 songs...


1. Icarus - Emmi Christensson
Emmi is a good singer but the song is a NO for me.

2. Mitt Paradis - Elias Abbas
I knew about Elias before Mello (I love Min queen) so I was excited to see him on a big stage and he didnt disappoint me, he is the star I knew he was and he did a lovely performance. Cant wait to hear more music from him!

3. Break That Chain - Felicia Olsson
Loved to see Felicia back but I prefer her 2013 song.

4. Fuldans - Rolandz
This was entertaining! (Good job to Af Sillen for the staging)

5. Never Learn - Olivia
This song left me cold, it is very radio friendly but I dont think it worked on stage.

6. Every Single Day - Felix Sandman
STUNNING! I'll be totally honest I wasnt expecting this from Felix but he just killed me with this song (Those lyrics) and damn WHAT A PERFORMANCE! HOW IS THIS MASTERPIECE NOT IN THE FINAL? I DONT GET IT! YOU ALL BETTER VOTE FOR HIM ON SATURDAY! I NEED HIM IN THE FINAL! GO FELIX!

7. For You - Mariette
Mariette is such a wonderful performer and I love her but this is my least favorite song from her 3 Mello entries.

7. Felicia Olsson
6. Emmi Christensson
5. Elias Abbas

Felix Sandman

Photos: Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet

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