Sunday, February 11, 2018

Melodifestivalen 2018 - Deltävling 2

Not feeling this Mello week but...


1. Shuffla - Samir & Viktor
This is probably their best mello song but I think I prefer the "Bada Nakna" performance.

2. Allting som vi sa - Ida Redig
I really like Ida as an artist and this song was my favorite from this semifinal but I can understand why it didnt qualify, the whole act was too simple (with this Im not saying she should have had dancers and over the top stuff but there was something missing on stage)

3. Det finns en väg - Jonas Gardell
I have nothing to say about this one, it was okay.

4. In my cabana - Margaret
I dont like this song, it lacks energy imo but I think she did well and Im glad she made it to AC.

5. Titta vi flygger - Stiko Per Larsson
Stiko is one of those artist that I am sure I'd enjoy in a live gig.

6. Songburning - Mimi Werner
Nice performance, I think Mimi enjoyed her 3min on stage (You can see it in her eyes and smile)

7. Last breath - LIAMOO
He has such a fantastic stage presence and even if I think the song is just okay, I liked the performance (Im not crazy about it though)

7. Jonas Gardell
6. Stiko Per Larsson
5. Ida Redig

Mimi Werner

Samir & Viktor
Photos: Olle Sporrong/Expressen

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