Saturday, December 27, 2014

Festivali i Këngës 53: Semifinal 1 - Results

Welcome to the 1st night of FiK post! Im going to start saying: GOOD JOB RTSH! I loved the show, the stage looked gorgeous, the orchestra was brilliant (They all deserve a standing ovation) and the acts were pretty good. Before the finalists I would like to give a shout out to 2 of the eliminated songs:

Offchestra - Bajram


Revolt Klan - Më mungon 

This was one of my biggest favorites of the night. They deserved to get in the final! I really like the song and they did a good performance! Well done guys! (Cant wait to listen the studio version)

Here are the 9 finalists:

Saimir Braho - Kristal
I like Saimir but this song is a big no for me.

Besiana Mehmedi & Shkodran Tolaj - Kështjella
This is kinda nice but I dont think it would work in Eurovision.

Estela Brahimllari - Kjo natë

Marsela Çibukaj - S'muj
I wouldnt like this for Eurovision but I liked her performance.

Klajdi Musabelliu - Vetëm te ti besoj
This song gave me a "I heard this before" feeling but at the same time I really liked it.

Enver Petrovci - Të vranë bukuri
This is so dramatic! The begining was very WTF? but it got better. I think the orchestra in the chorus made me like this song.

Lindita Halimi - S'të fal

There is something I dont like her (She looks cocky) but I think the song is very interesting and she is a great singer! Love the instrumental part.

Erga Halilaj - Ti s'më njeh
Lovely performance. 

Venera Lumani - Dua të jetoj
I like Venera and the song is good. Not sure if a winner but is not bad.

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