Monday, December 29, 2014

Albania 2015: ELHAIDA DANI!

Photo: Orsola Class Photography
After 3 brilliant nights of talented artists, here is the act that is going to represent Albania in Vienna: 

Her performance in the final was 100 times better than in the semifinal and she looked gorgeous on that dress! Im not sure if I would like her to sing in english in Eurovision so please keep the song in albanian! Good luck Elhadia!

Now a big shout out to my other favorites:

Enver Petrovci

Marsela Çibukaj
Fabulous performance! I really liked her!

Rezarta Smaja

Mjellma Berisha
Talented girl! Hope to see her in FiK again!

Emi Bogdo
Great performance! Well done Emi!

Erga Halilaj
Beautiful performance! Bravo!

Lindita Halimi
This song would have been a fantastic entry for Albania! Risky but great (better than safe)! Lindita did a great job (she has a very powerful voice and she needs to control it a bit though) and she deserves a big round of applause!. 

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