Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ukraine National Selection 2011 - Semifinal 1

Finally after all those failed sundays waiting for the 1st semifinal, tomorrow the Ukrainian channel will broadcast the first show, we will listen 7 songs and only 3 of them will go to the final for the decision of the juries, then with the 4 songs that left the ukrainian audience will have the chance to vote for their favorite and put 1 song in the final.

1.Yakov Smirnov -
2.Zaklyopk - Ou la la
3.El Kravchuk - Моя надежда
4.Kristina Kim - Victim of my love
5.Elena Korneeva - Why didn't say goodbye
6.Inna Voronova - Mr. Fever
7.Daria Medovaya - Infinity

I have to say that i've listened 4 of those 7 songs but i cant wait to listen the other songs and the most important to watch the performances.

For more information you can visit the official web

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