Sunday, October 10, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 4

The last semifinal came and in my opinion it wasnt the best, but i like some of the songs of this 4th semifinal.

Deltävling 4

Melodi nummer 3: Human Frontair - NEO

Neo did a great performance, i love his voice, the song was good and his falsetto is absolutely fabulous, i hope to see him again in MF.

Melodi nummer 5: This is my life - Anna Bergendahl

When i listened the preview of this song, it was my favorite of the 4th semifinal, i liked her genuine look, and everything was ok in the performance, it was a surprise when she won the semifinal.

Melodi nummer 6: Jag vill om du vågar - Pernilla Wahlgren

I thought it would be a so so song, but when i watched the performance i really liked it, her dress was beautiful, i think she is a nice woman, and it was great when she went to the final in the andra chansen, the song is one of my favorites, i really love swedish songs, it sounds so good.

Melodi nummer 8: Hollow - Peter Jöback

He was the favorite when the names of the artist were announced, to me the song is good but not good enough to win, i love him, he is such an amazing singer, his connection with the camera was perfect, his performance was great and he is HOT.

As you can see i really liked it the results of the 4th semifinal.

And now the rest of the song in order of preference:
Idiot - Noll disciplin
Thursdays - Lovestoned
Stop - Sibel
Magisk sjärna - Py Bäckman

My Favorites

Peter Jöback & Pernilla Wahlgren

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