Friday, May 12, 2017

Eurovision 2017 - Semifinal 2: The Results

Here are my comments about the 2nd semifinal:

Lets start with a shout out to Jana Burčeska who is pregnant and got engaged last night!

10. Croatia: Jacques Houdek - My Friend
Im not a fan of this cheesefest but I gotta admit that they did a solid performance.

09. Israel: IMRI - I Feel Alive
What a lame choreo but he looks good so who cares, right? #ironic

08. Austria: Nathan Trent - Running On Air
He is so adorable and I think his performance was good.

07.The Netherlands: OG3NE - Lights and Shadows
They are such great singers, it's a shame the song and the performance are just okay.

06. Romania: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea - Yodel It!
I really dislike this entry but I get why some people like it and I am okay with that, would I like to see it in the top 5? Hell no! but I think that is where they are headed

05. Denmark: Anja - Where I Am
Nice performance!

04. Norway: JOWST - Grab The Moment
Not much to say here, I liked what they did on stage. (I hate the pre recorded sample though)

03. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess
He is a superstar and I wish he had a better song.

03. Belarus: Naviband - Story of My Life
I love them and Im so glad they qualified!

01. Hungary: Joci Pápai - Origo
Joci's stage presence really improved and I loved the atmosphere they created on stage.

Photos: Andres Putting

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