Friday, March 11, 2016

Melodifestivalen 2016 - Final: The rehearsals

Here are some pictures/videos from rehearsals:


2.Lisa Ajax

3.David Lindgren


5.Oscar Zia

6.Ace Wilder

7.Robin Bengtsson

8.Molly Sandén

9.Boris René



12.Samir & Viktor

I dont have a big favorite this year and I have no idea who is the best choice for Eurovision so Im just going say the ones I like the most: Frans, Wiktoria, Robin Bengtsson, Boris René, Ace Wilder and Oscar Zia. (Shout out to my guilty pleasure acts: SaRaha (Yes! I finally got the Kizunguzungu fever!), Samir & Viktor and Panetoz) Good luck to everyone and dont forget to vote for your favorite on saturday! Happy Mello!
Photos: Aftonbladet

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