Saturday, November 22, 2014

Malta 2015: The Final - Running order

Tonight we will know who is going to represent Malta in Vienna. Here is the running order and my thoughts about the finalists:

01.Breakaway - Glen Vella
Nice performance from Glen!. The song is much better than "One life" but that doesnt mean its good. 

02.12, Baker Street - Karen Debattista
Lovely song (That needs a good revamp) but I am bit disappointed cause the performance was kinda bland. She is gorgeous but I think she needs to feel the song and get more energy on stage.

03.Once In a While - Dominic
What I like the most about Dominic and his team is that they really enjoyed those 3min on stage! 

04.Chasing a Dream - Trilogy
Great vocal performance!

05.Closed Doors - Chris Grech
I like his voice and I cant wait for him to get a winning song. (I really dont get his outfit.)

06.Love and Let Go - Ekklesia Sisters
I like their energy and enthusiasm on stage but the song is really bad.

07.Fandango - Jessika
This is so 2002-2004! I dont like anything about it!

08.It's Ok - Deborah C
Kinda cute, harmless song. (Awful dress)

09.Warrior - Amber
She definitely gave her all on stage. Her vocal performance was good (The 1st word of the chorus *Break* sounded a bit shouty but the rest was fine) and I like the song.

10.Beautiful to Me - L-Aħwa
I like them all but "Tomorrow" was better.

11.Still Here - Franklin
Nice song, wrong act. He is a good singer but I dont like the way he performs.

12.Rush - Christabelle
GUILTY PLEASURE! I loved this! The song is very catchy and she did a very nice performance! You go girl!

13.The one that you Love - Lawrence Gray
Good performance!

14.Something in the Way - Daniel Testa
Daniel has a lovely stage presence and he rocked the stage! Good job!

I have no idea about who is going to win but my favorites are: Amber, Daniel Testa, Chris Grech, Christabelle, Lawrance Gray and maybe Karen DeBattista. Good luck to everyone!

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