Sunday, November 23, 2014

Malta 2015: AMBER!

And the 12 points goes to...Amber! Thats all we heard during the time of the results. The song "Warrior" got 72 points and that means its going to represent Malta in Austria next year.

Her performance in the final was really good! She had fire in her eyes and her vocal performance was better than in the semifinal. I really hope this gets a powerful revamp cause I want this to do well in may. Congratulations to Amber and her team (Elton Zarb & Muxu) Good luck Malta!

Now a little shout out to my other favorites:


Love love love this song! Well done Christabelle! Im so happy with her result! 2nd place Wohooo! OH NO! HERE WE GO! YOU GIVE ME THAT RUSH OH!



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