Friday, May 9, 2014

Eurovision 2014: Semifinal 2

Welcome to the Semifinal 2 - post! Here are my comments about all the performances! Lets start with the non qualifiers:

Ireland: I wont say anything about this entry cause i dont like it and i dont want to write bad things.

Georgia: This song is a mess but they are great artists and they did a very interesting performance on stage.

Israel: I liked this performance and i loved her energy on stage #fierce

Lithuania: ATTENTION!  She is such a good performer! Good job Vilija!

Macedonia: OH DARLING! I love Tijana and To the sky is one of my biggest favorites of this year but even if i think she kinda deserved to get into the top 10, i can totally understand why she didnt! I still dont get the idea of the dancer on her performance and her outfit wasnt great for the song. Those 2 points were the biggest problem for this entry.

Now here are the 10 finalists:

10.Belarus: TEO - Cheesecake
I wasnt a fan of this song but now i kinda like it, still i think his performance was a bit blah.

9.Slovenia: Tinkara Kovac - Round and round
Very nice performance! Her vocals were a bit off in the key change part but she can work on that! Congratulations Tinkara!

8.Romania: Paula Seling & Ovi - Miracle
I like them but this whole act looks too desperate and i dont get why are they doing it! There were great in 2010 but this year they are not good enough!

5.Malta: Firelight - Coming home
I love this entry! They have such a beautiful energy on stage and the song is really good! GO MALTA!

5.Greece: Freaky Fortune feat Riskykidd - Rise up
Their semifinal performance wasnt perfect but i hope they can do a much better performance on saturday! I want more from them! I want them to make me jump! Good luck boys!

5.Finland: Softengine - Something better
They are so talented! Loved their performance! I was a bit worried about their semifinal result but im very happy for them! Cant wait to see them rocking the stage on Saturday!

4.Norway: Carl Espen - Silent storm
Im so proud of Carl! One of the best songs of this year and his performance was good! I want to give him a big hug! GO CARL! GO NORWAY!

3.Poland: Donatan & Cleo - My Słowianie - We Are Slavic
This was so fun! Great performance! Cleo and her girls are fabulous and they surely know how to shake what their mama gave them! #euroboobsion

1.Switzerland: Sebalter - Hunter of stars
I LOVE YOU SEBALTER! Fantastic performance! He has a very strong stage presence and the song is great! I really hope he gets a good result on saturday! GO SEBALTER! GO SWITZERLAND!

1.Austria: Conchita Wurst - Rise like a phoenix
*Big round of applause* BOOM! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THAT WAS CONCHITA WURST! That was a winner performance but i have a little problem, i dont think her song is a winner and thats the reason why i dont want her to win on saturday but i feel she is going to win so lets get ready for AUSTRIA 2015!
Photos: Sander Hesterman (EBU)
Andres Putting (EBU) 

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