Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eurovision 2014: Semifinal 1

Welcome to the Semifinal 1 post! Here are my comments about all the performances! Lets start with the non qualifiers:

Belgium: Im sorry but this was my least favorite! He was very nervous and the biggest problem of this entry was the song cause he is talented.

Moldova: This wasnt bad and i hope she enjoyed her performance! (The wig moment was fun)

Albania: Hersi should be proud of her job on stage cause her vocal performance was really good! I think their biggest mistake was to sing in english.

Portugal: I liked the performance and i think she did her best so good job Suzy!

Estonia: Im not a fan of this song but Tanja deserve a round of applause! Singing and dancing at the same time is not easy and she did fantastic job! 

Latvia: Oh my heart :( It would have so good to have them in the final! I loved this song since the 1st time i heard it and im so proud of them, they gave their heart on stage and im sure they made a lot of people smile during their performance and thats the most important thing! I really hope they had a great time during this eurovision weeks and i really hope we can get more music from them cause they are lovely! GO AARZEMNIEKI! GO LATVIA! Thank you for making happy!

Now here are the 10 finalists:

10.Russia: Tolmachevy Sisters - Shine
I dont like this song and the stage performance wasnt good. They need to enjoy more, there are parts they look like robots but they are talented and even if im not happy with their result, they didnt deserve to get booed.

9.San Marino: Valentina Monetta - Maybe
I think this song is not good but im happy for Valentina. I actually think this was her best performance in Eurovision and im sure she will enjoy 100% her performance on saturday!

8.Azerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova - Start a fire
I thought i was going to like this performance but i dont know there was something missing on stage, it wasnt bad but i think she can do it better.

7.Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk - Tick tock
She looked beautiful but she needs to improve her vocal performance for the final.

6.Montenegro: Sergej Cetkovic - Moj svijet
Great performance! Very happy for Montenegro! Good job Sergej!

5.Armenia: Aram Mp3 - Not alone
I love the song and Aram has a strong stage presence but i didnt get a "woooohooo!" reaction with the performance so i want him to give more energy on stage for the final.

4.Hungary: András Kállay Saunders - Running
I can see this entry winning on saturday! Good performance! His vocals were a bit off in some parts but this is a good song and i wish him all best for the final.

3.Iceland: Pollapönk - No prejudice

2.Sweden: Sanna Nielsen - Undo
BANG! SANNA NIELSEN! I think this is the 1st time for Sweden that the Eurovision performance looks much better than the Melodifestivalen performance! I loved it and she gave everything on stage and i really hope she gets a great result on saturday! GO SANNA! GO SWEDEN!

1.The Netherlands: The Common Linnets - Calm after the storm
BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT! SO BEAUTIFUL! BRAVO ILSE & WAYLON! It would be a dream to see a song like this one win Eurovision. Cause its sad that sometimes a song gets a good result just because of the gimmick on the performance. I want these 2 great artists with this amazing song get a top 3 result on saturday! GO THE NETHERLANDS! GO THE COMMON LINNETS!

Photos: Sander Hesterman (EBU)
Andres Putting (EBU)
Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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