Monday, November 25, 2013

The Netherlands 2014: The Common Linnets (Ilse Delange & Waylon)

This year Anouk did a fantastic job in Malmö and i think we can say that thanks to her the dutch people got the interest that the contest needed there after a lot of non qualifying entries year after year and thats why we got a very interesting strong team for next year!

Some minutes ago it was confirmed that the artists that are going to represent The Netherlands next year are:

Ilse Delange & Waylon!

They are going to perform as "The Common Linnets" in Denmark!

Im not a duets fan but i really like them, they are both very talented and i think we could get a fantastic song from them! It will be a country/pop song and it will be presented in march.

Good luck to Ilse & Waylon! I hope they enjoy every moment on this new eurovision journey and i also hope they give us a great song! Go The Netherlands!

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