Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Natália Kelly: "I had the time of my life!"

2013 season is over but we got great artists this year in the contest and some of them have released new albums so i wanted to make some little interviews about their experience in Eurovision and about their music so here are the answers of the lovely NATÁLIA KELLY:

Hello Natália! We had an interview before the national final and now everything is over but you have a new album and i have some questions about your experience in Malmö so how do you feel right now?
I feel great, thanks! :) Enjoying the shows with my band. We are playing the songs of my new album.
What was the most asked question in Malmö?
That’s funny :) because it’s the same as your first question.. "How do you feel right now".

How were the days in Malmö? Any interesting story?
The days in Malmö very pretty busy and sometimes very long for us. We had a lot of rehearsals, Meet&Greets and media work to do. But I had a lot of fun during our busy program so that was great!

Who were the nicest artists in backstage?
Well, every one was very friendly to me but I got along well with Ryan from Ireland and Gianluca from Malta.
How would you describe: 
-The moment before the performance: 
I couldn't wait to go up on stage and to perform in front of that huge audience!

-The 3min on stage: 
I had the time of my life! These were the most incredible 3 minutes I have ever had!  

-The post performance moments: 
I was sad and disappointed that I didn't pass to the finals but at the same time I couldn't stop smiling because I knew, everything that I experienced in Malmö nobody could ever take away from me.

Tell me your top 5 from the final
My personal top five were: 
1. Norway
2. Ireland
3. Malta
4. Denmark
5. Greece

How was the atmosphere in the green room with the other artists?
It was really nice. Everyone was very excited and happy to be there!

How was the 1st day of school after eurovision?
It was amazing, my entire school welcomed me with an incredible reception! They were all waiting for me in front of the school and when I walked in they applauded and everybody came to congratulate me :) They prepared a huge Poster saying: You are still are number 1 – Shine on!

Tell me 3 things you won't forget from your eurovision experience?
It's hard to tell because every moment was special and unique in its own way. But to name a few, I will never ever forget those 3 amazing minutes on stage or meeting Benny Andersson from ABBA and having the great opportunity of jamming with his son, Ludvig also with the Band Atlas.

Now i would like you to do a review of your album:
Well, about a month ago I released my very first album with Universal Music Austria. I wrote half of the songs on the album myself. So I’m very proud of the album and of my first single and my Eurovision Song “Shine” which I’m co-writer. And no matter what happens, I will always make music. I want to move people with what I do best and that’s my music :)
The whole album is fresh with various flavors of Pop, Soul and a dash of R&B. Played with natural sound/Instruments and it’s about love, loosing, being happy, finding yourself, standing up for what you believe, about keeping the faith.  It’s the story of everyone one of us! :)


Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
Thank you very much for the Interview and a big THANK YOU to all my fans out there who have been supporting me all the way! It's been amazing :)

All the best,  Natália

Thanks to Natália!! All best for her career!!

The links to get her album are on the interview so if you like her dont forget to buy it!!

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