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Ruslana: "I believed in our victory from the very beginning"

2004 was my 2nd year watching Eurovision and that year my favorite won! Yaaay!! since that year Ruslana has been one of my favorite artists and she is not only a great singer and a fabulous performer but she is also a very kind and nice person! In 2011 we had an interview about the contest and her new single and this year i wanted to know her opinions about the 2013 contest so here are the answers of RUSLANA:

Hello Ruslana, how are you?
I’m feeling good and enjoying the sunny weather for my inspiration.   

The 1st edition of the Eurovision song contest was on May 24 and you were born that day too, Happy Birthday!!!  a bit late but i hope you had a great day! What did you do on your birthday?
Thank you! I have a very pleasant celebration in my family circle. Of course I’ve got a lot of presents and greetings. My telephone was calling during all day from early morning and till the night. My husband helped me to answer, because all our friends and relatives, and partners would like to say happy birthday. It was the best birthday for some last years because I have had the possibility to stay with my family.

Before we start talking about this year contest, can you tell me the story about you being selected to represent Ukraine in 2004, how was it?
I have got and accepted the proposal to represent Ukraine on Eurovision, but I have no any sponsors and it was necessary to find it to go to the contest. We have worked a lot with my team to manage my show. But above all I believed in our victory from the very beginning.   

Next year is going to be the 10th anniversary of your Winning moment in Eurovision, are you going to do any celebration?
Probably all mass media will press me for a great number of interviews. But I prefer to meet with journalists if I have some news. So If I will have new album and new show in 2014  I will give the interview and will comment my winning anniversary.  

So let’s talk about 2013, did you watch the 3 shows? 
I have watched just the Final.

Can you give us a little opinion about your favorite’s performances from the final?
I have supported Denmark and Azerbaijan from the very beginning. The song of Emmelie de Forest has reminded me of my early music period before Wild Dances. As for Azerbaijan I participated on some preparation stages of Farid Mammadov. I like his show and its high level of production.  


Zlata Ognevich represented Ukraine and got a fantastic result, what do you think about her song and her stage act?
Zlata Ognevich is absolutely brilliant. She has perfectly everything required to be a great singer and I’m sure that she has a big future. I have called  Zlata before her performance in the Final and wished her to avoid excitement.  I have enjoyed with her song and her act. 

What do you think about the results?
As for me Denmark was winning fairly in spite of further talking about the plagiarism. Emmelie not only won by the numbers of voices she has also won a lot of hearts. And this is the achievement.

Can you tell me some artists that you would like to see representing Ukraine in Eurovision?
I would be happy to see Ukrainian singer Jamala on Eurovision stage. I think that she is just one who is ready to perform for this moment. Maybe it will appear new talented singers during the year.

What do you like about Eurovision?
Eurovision is a great event with its own mood and a lot of music. Eurovision was my big international start and occupy a lot in my life.

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
I just like!

What are your plans for this year?
I am preparing some scale international shows in Europe and Brazil in summer and autumn. And I also hope to take Ukrainian concerts tour. Last year I’ve got two big tours and I missed for regular travels and performances.   

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true!
Yours Ruslana

Thanks to Ruslana for the interview and for being so cool!! Love her!! and also thanks to her press contact!

Ruslana is releasing a new album and if you want to get more info about it here is her official website:
and her Facebook page:

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