Friday, May 17, 2013

Eurovision 2013: Semifinal 2

Hello everybody!! The semifinal 2 was today and it was a very good show! Here are my comments about the performances:

I'll start with the songs that didnt qualify:

Latvia: What a great opening act!! I think they did one of the best performances of the night!! They should be very proud, i wish them all the best in their career!!! Good luck PeR!

San Marino: I feel sad for Valentina cause i think she was very excited about this year but even if i love the song and i liked the performance very much, i can see why it didnt qualify. Hugs to Valentina!!

Macedonia: This performance wasnt bad! The biggest problem they had was the song, this song wasnt the right song for Esma! So they are the one to blame, they had a great song and they changed it because some people didnt like it. I hope they learn from this experience!

Bulgaria: I thought i was going to like this but it was very messy and her vocals were all over the place.

Israel: This one deserved to qualify. Great song with an amazing singer! Well done Moran!

Albania: I really cant believe this didnt qualify!! They did a very strong performance and the song is much better than the other rock song that got in the final.

Switzerland: What? Switzerland participated? I dont remember this.

Here is my ranking of the 10 finalists:

10.Armenia: Dorians - Lonely planet
The band is really good but this is one of the most forgettable songs of this year and the performance was bland, i really dont get all the pyro and fire on it, very out of place in my opinion.

09.Hungary: ByeAlex - Kedvesem
This song is very interesting but i didnt like the performance.

08.Romania: Cezar - Its my life
I dont like this song but i really like Cezar, he is very brave and talented, thats why im kinda happy with his result! Good luck in the final!

07.Georgia: Nodi & Sophie - Waterfall
There is no doubt that they are fantastic singer and this is a nice song but i really think the stage act was very fake and too robotic in some moments.

06.Finland: Krista - Marry me
This was a very good performance! Lots of energy on stage and it looked great. I still dont like the song but this semi was kinda bad so she got the result she deserved.

05.Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov - Hold me
Farid did a good job on stage and im sure he is going to get a great result on saturday! 

04.Norway: Margaret Berger - I feed you my love
I love this entry and i have to say that i was expecting more, i didnt get the energy i got when i watched the performance in the MGP, it was a meh, i hope for a better performance on the final!!

03.Malta: Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow
I love everything about this entry! Gianluca, the song and the performance. If i have to use a word to describe the whole act, i would say: SWEET!

02.Iceland: Eythor Ingi - Eg a lif
I think this was the best vocal performance of the night!!! Well done Eythor!!! Great performance! Go Iceland!

01.Greece: Koza Mostra - Alcohol is free
This was FUN!! Its a great song and the Koza Mostra guys are super talented and knows how to work with the crowd! GO GREECE!!!!!

Photos: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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