Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eurovision 2013: Pre - Semifinal 1

The day of the 1st semifinal of 2013 is here and i think its going to be a great semifinal but also a very hard one cause i think everyone has a chance to get in the final, i dont dislike any of the competing songs and i really hope we can get a fair and fantastic result. Here are my favorites:
Photos: Dennis Stachel (EBU)
Thomas Hanses (EBU)
Those are my biggest favorites but as i said i really like a lot of songs and artists of this semifinal! 
Natalia Kelly from Austria is lovely and i like "Shine" a lot.
Birgit is super talented and im sure she is going to do a beautiful performance.
The Klapa S Mora guys made me like the song a lot, for me its great to see that they really love what they are doing on stage.
Zlata is one of the best singers of this year and even if im not sure about her stage act, i think its going to look good on screen.
Despina is such a talented artist, i hope she enjoys this eurovision experience.
I love Roberto cause he is very sweet and he has been improving a lot! Im very proud of him and i really hope he can do a nice performance tonight!

Now what can i say about my top favorites?
Ireland: This is a very good song and if Ryan gets the right energy and give us a good vocal performance this could get a great result.

Moldova: This has been growing on me a lot and its mostly because of Alionas powerful voice!

Lithuania: My Andrius Pojavis! I still cant believe i like a Lithuanian entry but i fell in love with this one since the very beginning. I remember how happy i was the day he won cause i didnt expect that and now we are here in this semifinal and i know this doesnt have a lot of chances to get in the final but i really hope Andrius enjoy every second on stage!!

Serbia: This is one of my moms favorite and i just love it! The girls are very talented and the performance is going to be fabulous! 

Now my top 3!

Denmark: I dont know if this is going to win but the danish people should be very proud of Emmelie cause im sure she is going to do an amazing job! The song is one of the best of this year and Emmelie is such a talented girl!

Montenegro: Na nanana Igranku!! This is probably my favorite song of this year! and as i said last year with Loreen, i think they already won cause the song is a hit! They are brilliant and they really deserve to get in the final!!

The Netherlands: I think this is going to be my winner of 2013! There are no words to describe this entry or Anouk! I hope she gets the result she deserve cause she is fantastic.

So people remember to vote for the songs you like the most and if you like one of my favorites vote for it a lot jaja. 
Good luck to everyone!!!

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