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Emmelie de Forest: " I can’t wait to get on stage in Malmö"

Denmark is one of the biggest favorites of this year and that makes me very happy cause i fell in love with Emmelie and her song since the 1st 30seconds of the song were released before the DMGP final! I would have loved to make an interview with her but she is extremely busy right now with the making of her album and the eurovision promotion but thanks to her press contact i have a little q&a they made with her, so here are the answers of EMMELIE DE FOREST:

How does it feel to be representing Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?
It is an honor to represent my country and I am so excited to participate in the biggest European music contest – I can’t wait to get on stage in Malmø.
How do you prepare yourself for Malmø?
I’m spending my time getting into shape and trying to get a good night’s sleep every single night. And other than that, I simply practice, practice, practice. I try not to listen to all the songs I will be competing against – I’m afraid it will make me nervous.
Why do you sing barefooted?
I’ve never really liked singing while wearing high heels or any kind of shoes. Being barefoot makes me feel connected to the ground, and it makes me feel more relaxed.
Who has been your biggest inspiration?
Kurt Cobain is a great source of inspiration to me. I think he is more authentic than any other singer, and you can truly feel every single word he expresses and every single breath of desperation he puts into his songs. I am also inspired by Kate Bush because she is different and I can relate to her lyrics and she has a fantastic voice.
Can you tell us more about your song Only Teardrops? 
The song is about love, war and peace. When I first heard the song, I immediately loved it. The song has a dramatic feel to it and I love the sound of the flutes. I hope the song gives people a feeling of hope. 
Only Teardrops is currently the bookies’ favourite to win Eurovision this year.  How does this make you feel?
I´m really excited. It makes me so happy that people have received my song Only Teardrops so well and I think the song is fantastic. But I also know that there are other great singers in the competition but I hope for the best :)
Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest? And what are your all-time favourite Eurovision entries?
Yes I am a big fan and I have followed the ESC since I was a little girl. I remember many great songs but my all-time favorite song is the Danish song “Dansevisen” from 1963 – I really enjoy listening to that song.

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born in Randers, Jutland and grew up in the beautiful town Mariager. It is a small town with around 3000 people. It’s really beautiful with the forest and the sea nearby.  I moved to Copenhagen in the summer of 2011 and I really enjoy living here because the city has so much to offer but I  sometimes miss the countryside since I love the nature :)
Could you tell us something about your musical background?
I have been singing my entire life and I have gone to a creative school where I used to sing a lot. When I was 14 years old I started touring with a Scottish musician where we performed at different festivals, private parties, bars etc. 
What music do you enjoy listening to?
Actually, I listen to all kind of music – it depends on my mood but I really enjoy listening to Kate Bush, rock music and classical music composed by Händel.
Apart from singing, what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love reading books and I also enjoy watching old movies. I enjoy spending time in the nature and I often go for a run in the forest. Besides from that I spend time with my family and friends and enjoy some of the cultural events that Copenhagen has to offer.
What is one of your happiest moments in your life?
It’s always hard to pick one specific memory that marks the happiest moment of your life  but I have to say that winning the Danish Song Contest is one of them :)
Photos: Michael Søndergaard 

Thanks to Alette and Emmelie! GO DENMARK!

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