Saturday, March 16, 2013

Macedonia 2013: Pred da se razdeni

There was huge drama in Macedonia with the song "Imperija" and they decided to change it and here is the new Macedonian entry for this year:

Im a bit disappointed cause i really think Imperija with some little changes would have been amazing in Eurovision this year, i like this new song but theres nothing to get excited about, theres nothing that makes me remember it. Now im thinking that maybe it was a mistake to make this duet as their music styles are so different, it would have been better to have Esma this year and Lozano next year cause they are great but together one of them is not shining as the other, theres no folk sounds in this new song and it bothers me cause Esma is there too and i think she was much better with Imperija! Good luck to Macedonia!

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