Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kdam 2013: Final - The Running Order

The Kdam 2013 final is going to be this week and here is the running order:

01.Judah Gavra - “Hayom”

02.Moran Mazoz - “Ten li siman”

03.Ron Weinreich - “Love Is One”

04.Shany Zamir - “Forever”

05.Hila Ben David - “Beautiful”

06.Ran Sandler - “Find a Way”

07.Meital De Razon & Asi Tal - “Toda la noche”

08.Moran Mazor - “Rak bishvilo”

09.Vladi Blayberg - “We Are Free”

10.Kathleen Reiter - “Ad elay”

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