Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Video: Leave me alone - Alexander Rybak

Rybak is back with a new song that he wrote for a girl that called him more that 60 times everyday and even went  to his parents house in Norway which is very scary to be honest but if we look the positive side of this is that he wrote a very catchy song that i really love cause the lyrics are just great!. The dance tune goes really well with the song but i would like to listen a not dance Rybak violin version jaja.
The video is fun, some of the shots reminds me of a kinda soft version of American Horror Story Asylum jaja, so if you want to see a crazy Rybak here is the official video of his new single "Leave me alone":

I love Rybak so girl you better leave him alone, leave him alone, you're craazy leave him aloneee.

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