Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here we go: Anouk for The Netherlands 2013

2013 here we go!! We have the 1st artist that is going to compete in Malmö, last year Cyprus was the 1st country that announced their artist and this year we still dont have the official announcement by TROS but Anouk on her facebook page announced that she was going to represent The Netherlands!!.

Im so excited right now, there were a lot of rumors months ago and it was a kinda scandal in there when she said she wanted to go to Eurovision but TROS wanted to do a open national final but finally it seems that everything is decided and we are going to have this amazing artist on Malmö. She is a wow singer and i really hope with all my heart that she can find the right song cause thats all The Netherlands needs right now.

There are no words to describe how good she is, so just watch her videos and you'll see. If you want more of Anouk here is her facebook page:
Im very happy right now, i think she is going to rock on Malmö! Anouk Welcome to the Eurovision world! Go The Netherlands!!!

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