Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Semifinal 1

Good evening Europe! The 1st semifinal of the Eurovision song contest 2012 was great but you wouldnt believe all the things that happened to me today, like there was a 3 hours blackout here after the song 14 so as you can imagine this ESC didnt started well but i have to say that im very happy with the show and i think they all did a great job, im very impressed by Leyla cause i thought she was going to be the worst of the 3 and she was the best so well done girl!

Now im going to give a brief comment about the songs that didnt qualify:

Montenegro: There are no words for this even if i thought it was going to be worse but i kinda enjoyed still it was horrible.

Latvia: She is a good singer and i think the whole act and song were not good enough.

Belgium: She is so young and she doesnt have a strong stage presence yet so i think that was one of her problems she was kinda lost on that huge stage, i started to like the song the last 4 days so i kinda wanted this to be on the final but there was nothing to make me vote for it.

Finland: She was much better than in the finnish national final and the performance looked really good on screen but i guess the audience didnt get it.

Israel: Meh, i didnt like it.

San Marino: I love Valentina and the song is fun, im sure 80% of us know the lyrics and sing along with it but we all knew that this was kinda chanceless, the performance was good and i really hope that Valentina is ok.

Austria: They did their best and im sure they enjoyed the whole thing, i love them and i was expecting this cause i really cant see the juries voting for this but still i think they were great on stage.

Switzerland: Im so sad for them, i wanted Sinplus in the final, they were f*****g GREAT and they really deserved to be in the final cause their performance was one of the best of this semifinal, much better than 2 o 3 that got in the final but what can i do :( I hope they are fine and i send all my love to them cause they were one of the nicest artists of this year and i really love them! Well done boys! Lets watch them rock the stage:

Now here are the 10 finalist and im going to make my top 10:
10.Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki - Party for everybody
I can get all the media that this entry got but its really sad that real musicians with good songs doesnt qualify and this song does just because of the grannies, i watched their juries rehearsal video and it was painful so i really dont think the juries voted for this but then if they are in the final is because they won or had a top 4 result with the televote and it makes a bit mad, i really hope the juries can stop this cause i dont think this would bring something good to eurovision.
Russia was drawn to perform 6th in the final.

9.Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou
Im going to say this again, this is so boom boom chaka chaka but she is lucky cause she is representing Greece, bad song with a very bland choreography and i cant see why is this in the final, i dont like it.

8.Hungary: Compact Disco - Sound of our hearts
This one is ok, they did a very solid performance and i knew this was going to qualify.

7.Rumania: Mandinga - Zaleilah
I think she is a very good singer and she had some technical problems with her audio in her earphone but she still did a very nice performance and i think they deserve a top 15 result, they are really good and as i said before this is dangerous in the final cause i can see them winning but i really dont want this song to win but still i think they deserve a good result.

6.Moldova: Pasha Parfeny - Lautar
I thought this was going to be a super messy performance but it wasnt, it was a really good and fun performance, Pasha is a great singer and he has a charming, sexy, cute stage presence and thats what all the show is about so im very happy for him.

5.Cyprus: Ivi Adamou - Lala love
I love this song and the performance was really good, i felt the energy and she looked great but i hope a much better vocal performance for the final cause it was a bit weak in the semifinal but im very happy for her and Cyprus!! 

4.Denmark: Soluna Samay - Should've know better
I think she was very nervous cause her vocals were not perfect but this is a great song, the stage act is really good and she is lovely so Well done Soluna and good luck in the final!

3.Iceland: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi - Never forget
I love them and they did a good performance but there were some little things that i hope they can fix for the final but it was a very nice act so once again Iceland is on my top favorites.
Iceland was drawn to perform 7th in the final.

There's a tie with the 1st place:

1.Ireland: Jedward - Waterline
Yaaaay JEDWARD!!! i was so scared with the last envelope thing but what can i say? i love and they did a fantastic performance and even if i dont like the power ranger outfit i think they looked hot, there are some camera angles that i didnt like so much so i hope the fix that for the final and im so so happy for them cause they really work very hard and they deserve to get a great position this year! Congratulations boys and GO JEDWARD!!!

1.Albania: Rona Nishliu - Suus
BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO *Standing ovation* wow im speachless, this performance was magical, her voice, her emotional stage presence, her strong song, the lights everything was so perfect, when Leyla was saying the finalists everytime all i got in my mind was "say Albania, say Albania" i really hope with all my heart that this gets a great result on saturday cause Rona deserve it. 
Photos: Thomas Hanses (EBU)
Elke Roels (EBU)

So lets see how is the running order for the final right now:

1.United Kingdom - Engelbert Humperdinck
2.Hungary - Compact Disco
3.Albania - Rona Nishliu
6.Russia - Buranovskiye Babushki
7.Iceland - Gréta Salóme & Jónsi
8.Cyprus - Ivi Adamou
9.France - Anggun
10.Italy - Nina Zilli
13.Azerbaijan - Sabina Babayeva
14.Romania - Mandinga
15.Denmark - Soluna Samay
16.Greece - Eleftheria Eleftheriou
19.Spain - Pastora Soler
20.Germany - Roman Lob
23.Ireland - Jedward
26.Moldova - Pasha Parfeny

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