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Max Jason Mai: "I put all my heart and soul into the song and i really believe in success"

I'm back and its time to get to know better one of the suprises of this year, he is very talented and i really like the Slovakian entry since the 1st time i heard it, so i asked some questions to Max Jason Mai and here are his answers:

Hi Max, first of all how are you?
Great. It is spring time, the sun makes me happy, the nature is wakeing up... I love this time!

I would like to know something, Max Jason Mai is your new artistic name or is the name of your new project? and why Max Jason Mai?
During the past year I kept thinking that I needed to step up to the next level, grow up and compose and play progressive rock. I needed to close this first period somehow. That is why I had paused for a time, prepared hard, recorded a single and in March officially launched my new music project under the name Max Jason Mai. I like the name, it resonated in my head for a long time. I played with it...well, I am a MAXimalist, I like a story about Jason and the Argonauts (but I am sure that my Golden Fleece is my music and my end will be much better) and Mai sounds nice, doesn´t it? And the way it sounds, what it looks like when written down..and also the style of my show, the whole image – everything me and my team have created, what we work on, is in complete synergy with my new stage name.

Tell me something about you. what do you like to do in your free time?, what did you want to be when you were a kid?, something that no one knows about you?
UUUU...shall I reveal my secrets? I spend my spare time in the nature. I love the nature because it fills me up with energy. When i was a kid I wanted to be musician or Arnold Schwarzenneger... (or at least his friend :)
Now tell me about your career, how did it start?
I am sorry, but I never look to the past, I just care for the present and future.

Last year in November some webs announced that Miro Smajda was the representer of Slovakia in Eurovision 2012, then the news were deleted from the webs and no one said anything, and then The official and final annoncement was on march. What happened back then in november? and can you tell how were the pre announcement moments?
It is not a question for me, because I signed the contract with RTVS in December 2011.

Describe yourself as an artist.
I put my heart into my music and I am a maximalist in anything I do. That is the best description. and I love rock ´n roll :)

Dont close your eyes is your song, tell me everything about it, what is the song about?, What were you thinking when you wrote it?, what was your 1st thought when you heard the final version for the 1st time?
It is a story about the good and the bad, about the angel and devil side in all of us. Oh, when I was sitting in Michael Elvis Basquette´s record studio and listening to the final version of Don´t close your eyes, I felt like crying with joy - the rush of energy! I take this song as the essence of the best I’ve ever written!

We got the making of the video of your song and it looks awesome, what can you tell me about the video?

You will see the final version soon. Follow my FB page and my twitter.

I really like your song and i cant wait to see you performing live, did you start the rehearsals for the show in may?
Of course. It has to be 100 percent ready for may. And as I already said, I am a maximalist.

Whats your opinion about Eurovision?
I was following it for some years and i think it is a good oportunity for musicians from a small country it is possibly the one and only way to introduce his music to more than 100 million of viewers. Music brings people together, unite nacionalities and religions so as Eurovision.

How do you feel with the reaction of your fans and the eurovision fans about the song? and what are your expectations for the contest?
I have recieved many positive reactions. The most important thing for me is that i put all my heart and soul into the song and i really believe in success. During ESC I expect to do my best.

Have you heard some of the songs in the competition? if you did, what do you think about them? did you find something interesting?
Of course, I have heard all of them. You have to know your rivals. And there are definitly some interesting entries.

If you were me, what would you ask Max Jason Mai? and give me your answer too.
OK: Max, you are a rocker - do you like to wear leather jacket or sneakers or pants?
I revere all entire living beings, that’s why I doesn’t wear clothes made from leather, as I wouldn’t want to be a handbag either.

Your promo pictures have been like a wow thing, how hard it is to have a body like yours?
I am working out every day. I love sports, so for me it is not a torture but a fun. Some of the people thinks we passed the photos throught photoshop but I can tell you we did not. Be in a good physical shape is very import for me.
What are your plans for this year? are you preparing an album?
I am planning to go to the US and record my first MJM album. I have great and energizing songs for it!

Do you have a message to the Eurovision fans?
First I would like to thank for all the interest and support I am recieving from them. And regarding the Songcontest: Vote for rock´n ´roll!
Thank you very much and i wish you all the best in eurovision and i hope to get more of your music soon.
Thank you and I wish you a nice days!

If you want to get more info of him, visit his official web:
The links of his facebook page and twitter are above in the interview.

Once again thanks to Max for his answers. Slovakia is participating in the second semifinal on May 24, dont forget to vote for him.

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