Friday, April 27, 2012

Eurovision in concert 2012

Here is the recap of the Eurovision in concert 2012 that took place on Amsterdam last saturday. After watching the performances and some interviews im going to comment some things, so lets start with:

Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou
She is very sweet and i started to like the song a bit, im sure she is going to have a good stage performance but i still have some doubts with her vocals cause she wasnt 100% live in the concert so we still dont know how this song sounds live.

Austria: Trackshittaz
They were great in the interviews, i love Lukas he is kinda sweet, fun and hot at the same time. About the performance i think it was ok, this song needs a bigger show but they were good, unfortunately i cant see the juries voting for them but i cant wait to see what are they going to do on stage since they cant have the neon lights they had on the national final.

Switzerland: Sinplus
Right now their song is on my top 10 and im kinda impress cause i wasnt a huge fan of this but i really like it and they were great in the performance so i really hope to see them on the final.

Turkey: Can Bonomo
This guy is crazy and thats what i like about him, this performance gave me some doubts cause his vocal performance was bad so now i dont know if he is going to do well but i guess he will cause its a good song but as i said if he sings like that on ESC i cant see it in the top 15.

Albania: Rona Nishliu
Im just going to say this: I LOVE HER! I fell in love with her since the 1st interview i watched. I dont even know how to explain how warm, sweet and real she is, oh and of course she is so talented but im sure we all knew that. I felt her energy through every interview and im very happy to see artists like her on Eurovision.

FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi
I really love Crno i belo and the performance was amazing so good job Kaliopi and good luck on the semifinal.

San Marino: Valentina Monetta
I like Valentina and even if i think the song is a joke, i like it a bit now. Im sure she is giving all her best and i cant imagine how she feels with all the bad comments but everyone has the right to give their opinions and i gave mine when i heard the song for the 1st time but if i was disrespectful im sorry.  She is very sweet and i wish her all the best, beep beep.

Moldova: Pasha Parfeni
I heard this song again and i really like it, the problem i got with this was the horrible national final performance but i think that if he make a good stage performance in esc it can do very well. I wonder how his trumpet looks jejej i really loved how he said in all the interviews i hope you like my trumpet or something like that.

France: Anggun
I think Anggun is the artist that is working very very hard, she went to a lot countries promoting her song and hope that can help her with some points cause i love her, she is so fun and fresh in her interviews and even if her performance wasnt great, im sure she will make a great performance in Baku.

Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva
This is one of the songs im listening the most lately, she is a great singer and im sure she is going to do a great job on esc.

Spain: Pastora Soler
I love Pastora and she is working hard for Eurovision. She is one of the greatest singers of this year and i really want her to do well cause she deserve it but i dont know, i still thinking that she is much MUCH BETTER than the song and it makes me think is she the Nadine Beiler of this year? I really hope to see her in the top 10 or top 15 cause this is the spanish entry since 2003.

Ireland: Jedward
What can i say about my 2011 winners? They were amazing and i hope for a fantastic performance in Baku, I love them, Go Jedward!

The Netherlands: Joan Franka
JOAN!!! She is on my top 3 this year and i love her and her song. That pic is so beautiful, i saw a lot of pics and her smile is so lovely, all her interviews were fantastic and the performance was great so i really hope with all my heart to see her in the final! Go Joan!!

The photos are from Wouter van Vliet (EBU)/Marieke Duijts (EBU) 

So thats all i can comment, i would like to say thanks to, Escxtra (LOVED their interviews, Good job Liam and Luke!), EscToday, Wiwibloggs, Esckaz, Lilian and all the webs that were there for all the videos and pics.

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