Thursday, June 16, 2011

Im BACK from "Eurovision Rehab"

OMG i can believe it was a month ago, well the last time i blogged was before the final and then i didnt comment anything, i followed all the news about the results and all that stuff so i wasnt in a "ESC Rehab" as the title of this post says but i think i was a bit tired and lazy to blog, the 2 weeks of Eurovision i think i slept 50hours IN 2 WEEKS so i was tired, there are so many thing to blog, we have a lot of new songs from esc artists, we have a shady mama, we have the escradio and Barbara dex awards and i have to comment the final. The video made by the guys from is great and i loved. I will use this post to thanks all the guys from all the webs that made an amazing job in Düsseldorf, it can sound very weird but i love them all, we are a family and i really hope to meet them someday, so many informations, videos, pics, interviews, fun moments, they deserve a huge round of applause. Well i will post all the things that i missed in this month and i hope you guys still visiting the blog.

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