Monday, June 20, 2011

Eurovision Artists - New songs & videos

Harel Skaat - Tihiye li ahava

Its a nice song, but im not sure if im going to love it, he is an amazing artist and i love him but i guess i need to understand the lyrics to like the song more.

Alexander Rybak - Resan til dig

I love Rybak, he is looking cuter than ever. His new album its not my cup of tea but this song its not bad.

Kostas Martakis & Diana Diez - Sex Indigo

HE IS HOT and its a very good video, i cant wait to see him in Eurovision i hope he try again someday.

3JS - De Stroom

The official video of one of the songs that competed in the national selection this year.

Ruslana - Wow

This video is AMAZING, i love Ruslanas energy and what else can i say?, she is great.

Raphael Gualazzi - A three second breath

As i always said: He is so talented, cool song but i prefer madness of love.

Paradise Oskar - Sunday everyday

His album is good, i kinda like all the songs, this one is one of my favorites.

Eric Saade feat. J-son - Hearts in the air

This is his new single and he is working on 2 new albums and a tour, im happy with his success and im sure his album its going to be a good one to dance and listen nice pop music.

Sergey Lazarev - Heartbeat

He is other artist that i want in Eurovision soon, this has a nice tune but i want him on esc with some hard dance song.

Le Kid - America

Well this is kinda nice but i prefer Oh my god.

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