Friday, May 11, 2018

Eurovision 2018 - Semifinal 2: Results

Semi 2 is over and here are my opinions about the results:

All the songs I liked in this semi qualified so there are no NQ shout outs.

10. DENMARK: Rasmussen
1st thing I'll say is VIKINGS DONT WEAR EYELINER so they better fix that for the final. I still dont like the song and I thought the performance was kinda flat.

09. SERBIA: Sanja Ilić & Balkanika
This was actually a pretty solid performance!

08. AUSTRALIA: Jessica Mauboy
I really dislike this entry but I gotta say that even if I think the whole performance was a mess, it wasnt as awful as I thought it would be, I dont know if this makes any sense but I truly believe she left her heart on stage and that's what made the audience go wild in the arena.

07. MOLDOVA: DoReDos
Im still not a fan of this song but the perfomance was fun, I enjoyed it. (BTW: Moldova 17 >>>> 18)

This was a great performance, Waylon knows how to move on stage and his vocal perfomance was really good!

05. NORWAY: Alexander Rybak
I love Rybak and the whole act is good but I dont think this is going to win and Im okay with that cause he is much better than this song.

04. SLOVENIA: Lea Sirk
This was amazing! She sells this song so well and even if I didnt like the "technical problem" idea, it kinda worked. Good job, Lea!

03. SWEDEN: Benjamin Ingrosso
There's not much to say about this, I think Benjamin is adorable and the staging is impressive. Do I want it to win? Hmmm nah. Would I be okay if it wins? Yeah.

He has such a mysterious aura and it works perfectly for this song

This is probably my favorite entry of 2018 and I would love to see this winning, but sadly I dont think it will happen, however I really hope they get a great result cause they fucking deserve it. The performance was strong but it didnt give me the winner alert vibes I was expecting, still this is a quality metal song and the guys are just brilliant so please vote for them on saturday! GO HUNGARY! GO AWS!

Photos: Andres Putting/EBU

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