Saturday, December 24, 2016

Albania 2017: Lindita Halimi

Photo: Fadil Berisha
After 3 long nights of FiKmas (Songs, Awkward moments, and publicitet) the winner of Festivali I Këngës 55 is Lindita Halimi with the song Botë:
Hmm I like Lindita and Im happy for her but Im not a fan of this song. She is so much better than this "showing how good I sing" song. I really hope she finds an excuse to change the song like Elhaida did in 2015. C'mon Lindita! Bring us a S'të fal part 2!
Now this is exactly what we need from Lindita, She is a smart, hard working lady and I hope she finds a way to make the albanian entry work.

Big shout out to my favorite in this years FiK: DILAN REKA!
Photo: Orsola Mema

I liked Dilan last year but I didnt expect a song like this one from him. My first impression was like "WOW this sounds like a modern song and he is killing it on stage" and then I just started clapping and dancing along, The applause he got at the end of his performance shows you how good he was. (I was also cheering in front of my computer) Would have loved to see him in Kiev but Im glad he got a good result. Keep making good songs Dilan!

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