Saturday, December 26, 2015

Festivali I Këngës 54: Semifinal 2

Time to post about the second semifinal of FiK! Im not very excited about this years FiK but we got a couple of nice performances today, here they are:

Kristi Popa - Ajo çfarë ndjej
I kinda like this song but oh lord! Kristi keep writing songs and stay away from the stage. Maybe that was a bit harsh but what I meant to say is that this song would have been so good with a better singer.

Rezarta Smaja & Klodian Kaçani – Dashuri në përjetësi
They are very good singers but there was a lack of passion and chemistry on stage. Also the song is just ok.

Jozefina Simoni - Një det me ty
I really like this song and she is a good singer but there is something missing in her interpretation, I want her to bring more fire to the stage. 

Besa Krasniqi - Liroje zemrën
This a very cute song and I think we all like it because its weird to have a song like this one in FiK and not because we think it will do great in ESC. (PD: I can see this song taking part in the Icelandic national final)

Enxhi Nasufi - Infinit
BANG! Ladies and Gentleman, thats how you set the stage on fire. I loved the performance, her stage presence was fantastic, and I think the song with a big eurovision revamp could do well in May. That said I think she is much better than the song, part of me would like to see her with a better song next year but the other part wouldnt mind seeing her winning tomorrow, so good luck Enxhi!

Lindi Islami - Për një mrekulli
This is not a winner but a nice song/performance.

Eneda Tarifa - Përrallë
This is probably my favorite song of FiK 54 and Eneda did a great job on stage (The chorus people were a bit weak, The "Oh oh oh oh oh" parts didnt sound well) .

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