Friday, May 22, 2015

Eurovision 2015 - Semifinal 2: The results

Welcome to the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2015! *fake cheers*. This is the post of the results from the 2nd semifinal.

Lets start with a shout out to Molly Sterling:
Lovely song that didnt translate well on stage.


Not my favorite song or performance but I like Monika and Im happy for her.

I really like this song but I dont get the performance.

Not a fan of this entry but I kinda liked the colorful, fun, cheesy performance.

Knez is a good performer and he gave his all on stage.

Nice performance! Glad he got in the final!

This was actually a pretty good performance! She looked gorgeos!

I love this entry so much! I really hope they get a good result on saturday.

THE KING OF FUN! Fantastic performance! It made me dance, clap and scream like a crazy person! Go Israel! Go Golden Boy!

Mans is such a amazing artist and Sweden is going to be very proud of him!

YES! YES! YES! HER VOICE REVIVES MY SOUL! Im so happy for Aminata and for Latvia! This entry is the reason I like Eurovision! We need more interesting, risky entries with taletend artists in the contest. I hope with all my heart to see Latvia getting lots of points on saturday! GO LATVIA!

Photos: Andres Putting (EBU)
Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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