Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Austria 2014: CONCHITA WURST

Today ORF has announced that Conchita Wurst is going to represent Austria in Copenhagen next year!
She participated in the Austrian national final in 2012 with the song "Thats what i am":

Im happy with the selection, i think she is a nice singer and i really hope she can find a good song. I wouldnt like something like her 2012 song cause it was very dated, i want something strong and modern (Please not a song with the typical "i am who i am" message) and i also hope they focus more on the song than on the stage act, i think she doesnt need any gimmick, she has a great stage presence. I hope she can surprise everyone with a good song!

This is my favorite song from her:

I think that if she would have sent this song to the 2012 selection, she would have won cause its a very good powerful ballad!
Good luck Conchita! Good luck Austria!

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