Tuesday, July 30, 2013

La Storia di Valentina Monetta

I got today the album of the lovely Valentina Monetta! and i loved it! The album have her 2 eurovision entries in different versions and 7 jazzy songs that are really nice! I really want her to work with Siegel on her 2014 song! that would be amazing cause she is not only a great singer but also a good composer.

The tracklist of the album:
1. Una giornata belissima
2. L'amore verrà
3. Diadaba jazz
4. Da mia proprietà
5. Think about
6. My Funny Valentina (Live-Jazz-Version)
7. The Social Network Song (oh oh-uh-oh oh) (Live Jazz Version)
8. Facebook (uh oh oh) (Euroclub-Version)
9. I'll Follow The Sunshine
10. Crisalide (vola) (Original-Version)
11. Chrysalis (you'll be flying) (Eng. Dance-Version)
12. Crisalide (vola) (Jazz-Version)
13. Chrysalis (you'll be flying) (Engl. Radio-Pop-Version)
14. Chrysalis (you'll be flying) (Eng. Radio-Jazz-Version)
15. Crisalide (vola) (Radio-Pop-Version)
16. Chrysalis (you'll be flying) (Original-Engl.-Version)
17. Crisalide (vola) (Dance-Version)

Thanks to the Valentinas team for sending me this fantastic album! She is such a talented artist! Wish her all the best for her career!

Here are the links to get the album:

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