Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eurovision Azerbaijan - Baku 2012?

Azerbaijan finally won Eurovision this year after trying very hard since 2009, but is Azerbaijan ready for such a big event? thats what i keep asking myself since may.

I havent write my opinions about the final and the results but its time to talk about this issue.

In June the EBU and Ictimai TV got a meeting to see what are the plans for next year but August is close and we dont know yet if its going to be on Baku.

In the article posted on about the meeting this was very interesting:

In line with standard requirements that have to be fulfilled to host the Eurovision Song Contest, the government of Azerbaijan has been requested by the EBU to provide guarantees about security during the event, as well as freedom of expression, according to Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and in line with the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, to all participants, fans, accredited journalists and the individual citizens of the country that access official Eurovision Song Contest premises. The EBU also requested that all accredited individuals and ticket holders shall receive sufficient entrance visa for the required duration.

I think its going to be in Baku, cause im sure Azerbaijan wont lose this big oportunity. Its a bit complicated to give an opinion about this cause i dont want to be on any side, im just going to say that i dont have anything against Azerbaijan. Im just going to give some opinions about what we have right now:

The Organising Committee:
Chairman: Mehriban Aliyeva

Elmar Mammadyarov– Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan
Ramil Usubov– Interior Minister of Azerbaijan
Shahin Mustafayev– Economic Development Minister of Azerbaijan
Abulfas Garayev– Culture and Tourism Minister of Azerbaijan
Ali Abbasov– Communication and Information Technology Minister of Azerbaijan
Azad Rahimov– Youth and Sports Minister of Azerbaijan
Hajibala Abutalibov– Mayor of Baku
Cahangir Asgarov– President of Azerbaijan Airways CJSC
Etibar Pirverdiyev– President of Azerenergy OJSC
Baba Rzayev– Chairman of Bakielektrikshabaka OJSC
Ismayil Omarov– Director General of Icimati Public Television and Radio Company
Ali Asadov– Aid to Azerbaijani President for Economic Affairs
Fatma Abdullazade– Head of humanitarian policy department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration

I dont know if the committee has to be too political but arent there too many ministers and the First Lady is the Chairman. Its Eurovision, they are not in a committee for making changes in the constitution or making a cultural act for Azerbaijan national day.

Then the next issue is the arena. They want to build an amazing, huge and fabulous arena in a very short time and to me thats kinda dangerous.

Now its time to talk about Armenia, everyone is talking about this. Should Armenia participate? Is Armenia going to Azerbaijan? and more. I will comment this thinking of Eurovision cause im really not into the History of Azerbaijan vs Armenia, of course i know some things from both sides cause i talk with people from both countries but im not that into it and Eurovision is a song contest so i dont have to care about that in my blog. Its interesting cause Armenia and Azerbaijan have been very good in Eurovision and i think Armenia should participate next year but will Azerbaijan let them?.

Well i read some news about Azerbaijan saying that they will guarantee security to the Armenian delegation but what about the fans? are the Armenian fans welcome? I have a lot of doutbs about that cause there are facts in the Azerbaijan vs Armenia history in Eurovision. The most shocking to me was the Azerbaijans authorities asking for explinations to the 43 people who voted for Armenia in 2009. It sounds like a joke but it was true and to me its unbelieveable. You can read more of the relations of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Eurovision here.

I want Armenia to participate next year cause they always send good songs (ignoring this year, of course) and i hope the find a great song and artist to send next year.

To finish im just going to say that whatever happens its going to be ok, i think the EBU will take their decision soon and im sure everything will be great next year. I just want the right things for Eurovision and imo i think Azerbaijan is not ready to be in charge of such a big event like Eurovision. So what if the EBU says its not going to be in Azerbaijan?, How big will be the Drama?, Who will be host country?, Italy? (I dont think so, they came back this year but i dont know if the would like to be the host), Sweden? (Well they really want to, so im sure they would say YES and actually they are like the real winners of this year, the song was made by swedish composers, Choreography: Made in Sweden, Backing vocals: Shirleys Angels and the other 2 girls are Swedish, their clothes was made in Sweden sooo Eldar and Nigar were the only thing made in Azerbaijan. So im in if its going to be in Sweden but right now is Baku 2012 and all we have to do is wait to see whats going to happen.

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