Friday, May 13, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011: Pre-Semifinal 2

Tonight is the 2nd Semifinal and im ready for my predictions and wishes, but first lets see how many finalists i got with my predictions of the semifinal 1:

Prediction: 7/10 - I got Turkey, Albania and Armenia instead of Serbia, Lithuania and Armenia
What i wanted: 7/8 - With the list of my favorites i just got wrong Albania.

Now this are the countries that i think will go to the final:
1.Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dino Merlin - Love in rewind
2.Denmark: A friend in london - New tomorrow
3.Austria: Nadine Beiler - The secret is love
4.Sweden: Eric Saade - Popular
5.Moldavia: Zdob si zdub - So lucky
6.Romania: Hotel FM - Change
7.Latvia: Musiqq -Angel in disguise
8.Ukraine: Mika Newton - Angel
9.Ireland: Jedward - Lipstick
10.Estonia: Getter Jaani - Rockefeller street

This is a very hard semifinal and i really dont know whats going to happen. Now lets see the countries that i want in the final:
Fabulous song, great energy, and i love John and Edward! My number 1 in this semi, GO JEDWARD!!
Anthemic song with a fantastic band and huge balls, LOVE THEM!
The best female singer of this year and she looks stunning and the song is magical.
4.Bosnia & Herzegovina
Great song with an amazing performance, i think they are already in the final.
The biggest surprise in the rehearsals, i hope he can do a great show tonight and get into the final.
Viva la DIVA!, i wish her all the best tonight.
She is great and really hope to see her on saturday, good luck Bulgaria!
Good song with an ok performance, i think this can get be around 6 and 11.
This song is very strong, but im not sure about the performance, we will see soon.
Her song is great but i dont know, i didnt get in the mood of falling in love with this.
I dont like this song but i think the performance after all the balads is going to be great.

And big maybe with:
Well i like him a lot, but the song is a big meh.

Lets wait for the show tonight and may the best performances get into the last 10 finalists!, Good luck to Everyone!

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